1How many yards of topsoil or gravel can I screen per hour?
Ultra: That depends on many factors: how wet is the material, what size machine are you using etc.? Counting on average conditions, an excavator loading the top and a large backhoe or front end loader removing from the recovery area, 110+ yards per hour.
Mini: It’ll screen faster than your skid steer can load but, depending on the operator, 50+ yards per hour.
2How long can I run the machine on a tank of fuel?
Ultra: 8-10 hrs or
Mini: 5-8 hrs
3How do I set up a Screen King /Titan on my site?
The Ultra and Mini have hooks above the wheel system to lift and lower. This system is designed with pull pins. Lift the screener on the wheel end, pull the pins, lower the machine, and the wheels roll away. Lift the screener and the wheels roll back into place. Its that simple! Remove 2 bolts to completely remove the wheel system.
4What size vehicle do I need to haul an Ultra or Mini?
Ultra can be hauled with a 1 ton truck.
Mini can be hauled with a 1/2 ton truck.
5Do you offer financing for my screener?
Yes, we are affiliated with financial organizations both in Canada and the US to set up financial arrangements
6Do you offer a warranty?

Leading Warranty: We stand behind our product. Every Screen King/Titan comes with one of the best warranty packages in the industry: A 6 year/6000 hour main frame warranty and a 2 year/2000 hour drive train and power plant warranty. Once you see the Screen King/Titan in operation you’ll understand why we extend such a comprehensive warranty package. The Screen King/Titan is built to last !

Brand Name Components: Only quality brand name components are used in the Screen King/Titan construction. Names you know and trust like Honda and we also use the most durable, highly engineered screen-box suspension system on the market, ROSTA (Switzerland), a name you may not recognize but will soon appreciate.

Simply Serviceable: Simple to use, simple to service. All mechanical components, including the engine, are located with easy access in mind. Drive belt, grease fittings, bearings are easily accessible and serviceable with standard tools. In fact you only need to grease the 2 fittings every 200 hours. The screens are held in place with side tensioning rails which allow for change-out times that are second to none in the industry.

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